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Bel Trading & Consulting Ltd offers a new modification of the system of protection against UAVs and drones


Living in the modern world, we all understand how deeply UAVs and drones penetrated our everyday lives. Children play drones; we deliver packages with drones or shoot videos at weddings. And drone operators are not always responsible people and not still understand all the risks of using drones near airports.

Bel Trading & Consulting Ltd, a company that specializes in protecting aircraft from birds and drones, pays great attention to this problem with the uncontrolled and dangerous use of drones near the runways of civilian airports.

According to manufacturers of major civilian passenger airplanes, modern aircraft engines are designed for the hit of small birds. However, drones are much heavier than birds; they are not only plastic but also tough metal, and unlike birds, can damage aircraft engines and windshields by creating a safety risk. Therefore, it is impossible and dangerous to completely discard these risks of drones getting in aircraft engines at the take-off and landing stage.

Bel Trading & Consulting Ltd introduces automated systems for detecting UAVs and drones near airports and integrated systems for suppressing control of UAVs and drones. With powerful microwave pulses, such systems interfere with the drone control channel before approaching areas dangerous to the airport, and such UAVs and drones lose control and fall before reaching the boundaries of hazardous areas.

The system for suppressing UAVs and drones is certified by the Civil Aviation Administration and is safe for aircraft and does not interfere with the operation of aircraft systems. The system can be deployed at any aerodrome in any climatic zone since all modules of the system are tight and moisture-proof and also designed to operate in winter temperatures and hot climates.

Many modern airports in Europe and Asia are already installing similar security systems to protect airfield runways from UAVs and drones. The products offered by Bel Trading & Consulting Ltd are relevant and necessary in the market and meet all modern standards and requirements.

Bel Trading & Consulting Ltd’s experience in the supply, installation, commissioning, adjustment, integration of automatic drone suppression systems for airports allows us to solve multifaceted and complex tasks with the best result.

Bel Trading & Consulting Ltd will be ready to cooperate in this area with both equipment manufacturers and system consumers and customers.