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Bel Trading and Consulting Ltd enters the european market with new types of construction vehicles

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Since 2004 International private company “Bel Trading & Consulting Ltd” promotes various types of construction vehicles, including dump trucks and mixers, on Eastern European markets, offering its clients different variants of contractual delivery, servicing and maintenance for heavy duty trucks vehicles of well known brands.

According to estimation of the company “Bel Trading and Consulting Ltd” HOWO A7 SINOTRUK (CNHTC) dump truck stands out from the other similar vehicles in this segment. It is the most advanced model in range of SINOTRUK (CNHTC), built with maximum of most modern European technologies, and compliant to modern ecological requirements for exhausts of internal combustion engines. 

The first impressions of the customers in Eastern Europe from the HOWO vehicles supplied by “Bel Trading & Consulting Ltd.” were very positive. The confirmation for this are repeated orders for these vehicles from construction companies from Poland, Czech Republic, Bulgaria and Romania. Clearly, the Chinese HOWO A7 dump truck is not a Volvo yet, but at the same time the price is also much less, and even cheaper than used MAN or ISUZU equivalents. The company has great expectations that the next model – HOWO A8, will become the bestseller in Eastern Europe.

According to “Bel Trading and Consulting Ltd” the most sold models in Eastern European markets were the vehicles on chassis Howo T5G 4х2 (with 280 h.p. MAN engine and 10-speed Allison transmission), 24-ton dump truck Howo А7 6х4, 32-ton dump truck Howo А7 8х4 , and 26-ton mixers HOWO.

Technologically innovative and ergonomic models of Howo trucks are currently in high demand, which allows the company “Bel Trading and Consulting Ltd.” to dramatically expand the sales markets and establish new partnerships and cooperation. Chinese Howo trucks are highly competitive due to simplicity and reliability of it’s design, combined with comfort and space for the driver, durable engines and modern safety systems.

 “Bel Trading & Consulting Ltd” has over ten years positive experience in sales, servicing and maintenance of Howo trucks in Eastern Europe and is open for cooperation with construction companies in both Europe and Asia, fulfilling the complex projects.